We offer full-color process imprinting or laser engraving.

Vector art must be provided in the following PC formats. AI, EPS, CDR, or PDF. [MAC files will not be accepted] All text in art must be converted to outlines. All design elements must meet minimum line size requirements which will vary depending on printing or engraving process used. Please contact us for instructions. Gradients in artwork cannot be PMS color matched.

Raster art must be submitted at full print size or larger with a minimum of 150 dpi. RGB color mode is preferred. Raster images cannot be PMS color matched and will be printed as sent. All design elements must meet minimum line size requirements. Raster images cannot be engraved.

PMS process color matching is available for vector images without gradients only. Due to our 4 color printing process, 100% exact color matching cannot be guaranteed. If exact color matching is necessary, we recommend ordering a pre-production sample. We do not print neon or metallic colors. Gradients in artwork cannot be PMS color matched.

For layout purposes, please send a flattened hardcopy , screenshot of your art, or picture of previously printed product along with your order to ensure your actual art has imported correctly. Acceptable formats include, PDF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP.

Print ready artwork is in the correct file type, resolution and dimensions for the final product. Due to the variety of productions methods used, artwork must be approved by our art department. Only professional design software may be used to produce print ready artwork. Set-up is custom designed per badge style and design. Contact us with your specifications and art for further instruction. Additional fees will apply.

Most orders include one badge proof for final approval before moving into production. Fastbadge will resend a corrected proof at no charge if an error was made on our behalf. Additional proofs required for any corrections or changes made to the first proof without Fastbadge error will incur a $12.50 (g) charge per proof. If all badges in the order require proofing, a $12.50 (g) fee will apply for 1-25 badges, then $31.25 (g) for 26-100 badges & lastly $0.42(C) PER Name for 101+ badges.

Pre-pro samples will be automatically provided for new orders over 500 pieces. One will not be provided for smaller quantities unless specified on your purchase order. Pre-pro samples are not available for reorders. Setup charges will be applied to the pre-pro portion of your new order, and the pre-pro itself will be at no charge.

We offer a wide variety of in-house fonts. If you are unsure of your font, we are happy to help match it with-in our inhouse fonts. If we do not own the font you require, you may supply it to us at no charge. If you do not

own the font, we will purchase the font for you at a charge of $40 plus the cost of the font. (f) All text will be typeset according to our standard fonts, Helvetica and Times New Roman, unless otherwise specified.

We are a PC based facility and only accept True Type Fonts (TTF) or Open Type Fonts (OTF). Mac fonts cannot be used and will not be accepted.

Order production times will vary depending on quantity, material, and design. Contact us with your specifications for more information.

Release program reorders: most released within 24 hours. Primo Plus, ColorGrave Plus, Metal, Primo Plus Lite, Bubble Lenz, Executive Series, Event Badge, Shadow Badge, Window Badge, Dazzler, Wood Badge, Dry Erase, Engraved Logo badge, Engraved Names Only badge, Desk/Door Signs. Most reorders 24 hours. New orders: 3 days after proof approval. Custom shape and Chalkboard badges are 3 days on re-order and 5 days on new orders. Most signs are 5 days on a reorder and 7 days on new order.

Drilled holes are available for $0.25 (c) each. Add 2-sided tape for $1.00 (c) per sign. 1/2” Round Corners are $0.25 (c) each. Custom colored material may be available with a setup charge of $50.00 (f), call for availability. The maximum sign size for ADA is 24” x 48”, maximum sign size for Engraved signs is 24” x 36”, Metal maximum sign size is 12” x 24”. The maximum sign size for Plastic signs is 4’ x 8’. Custom shaped signs add $6.00 (g) per sign.

There will be a typeset fee on all name badge lists where the names have NOT been emailed in the proper format. The list will be used As Sent (letter casing, spacing, & punctuation). If the list requires Editing, then the following typeset fees will apply: 1-25 names the fee is $18.75 (g), 26-50 names the fee is $31.25 (g), and 51-99 names the fee is $43.75 (g), 100+ Call for price. Names must be emailed in Excel, Word or Notepad.

Formatting Image

They don’t call us Fastbadge for nothin’! However, we understand you may simply need it faster than our standard production time. To help speed things up, we offer faster options with our rush service. Additional charges will apply.

Contact us with your specifications for more information on pricing and rush service production times.

A Release Program is where we extend the customer the quantity discount for orders placed and prepaid in full. If only a portion of them are to be personalized with the initial order, we will stock the remainder for future personalization and release them as needed. For every badge remaining in inventory there will be a $3.69 (g) charge that covers future shipping, stocking fees, and handling charge. (Example: An order for 100 badges is placed. 50 will ship immediately and 50 will remain in inventory. 50 x $3.69 = $184.50 release charge that will be added to the total order for 100 badges plus setup and shipping for the initial 50 badges. Badges will be released by US Mail ONLY or additional charges will apply.

The Minimum to START a Release Program & to REFILL a program is 25 Pieces.

Largest size available is 4.5’ x 12’. Wind slits available upon request. Production time: 5 working days. There is no setup charge, but there is a $66.00 (c) minimum order.

Color changes on a reoder = $20.00 (F), Copy changes on a reorder = $40.00 (F), Drop shipments on multiple locations = $5.00 (C) per location. {Call for template}, Less than Minimum Charge = $18.75 (G), Punch Slot measurements = .125" x .563", Magnetic Holder measurements = .5" x 1.75", The Smallest Height badge we can make is .75". Artwork charge is $86.66 (F) per hour.


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